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The American School in Japan

With over one hundred years of history, The American School in Japan is among the oldest and most respected international schools in the world. ASIJ’s traditions are complemented by its enduring commitment to continuous renewal, focusing on the needs of their globally mobile students at all times.

ASIJ is a dynamic school, eager to provide a positive and innovative learning environment that, upon matriculation, will ultimately prepare each student for successful on-going learning in universities and in future professional and personal pursuits. From pre-school through grade 12, their mission of developing compassionate, inquisitive learners prepared for “global responsibility” guides them. ASIJ’s Student Learning Outcomes provide further articulation of their mission as practiced in the classroom and in co-curricular activities.

Hailing from approximately 45 countries, the vast majority of their 1,650 students and their families find themselves in Tokyo on temporary assignment. Their school community provides a multicultural haven, one rich in the arts, athletics, and academics. Classes are conducted in English, following a US-based curriculum. Their Japanese host culture enriches their school and provides opportunities for learning, both in language classes and through academic and experiential learning opportunities. Likewise, the many cultures and nationalities that make up ASIJ provide chances to broaden and deepen students’ appreciation of the world in which we live.

Grades PK-12

1-1-1 Nomizu, Chofu-shi, Tokyo

Tel: 0422-34-5300 Fax: 0422-34-5303