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Lifestyle Guide

Here at Housing Japan we want each one of our customers to feel totally at home in their new environment. Not only does that mean finding the perfect school for your child and finding the right neighborhood to suit your needs, it also means finding the right personal services. Here you will find information regarding Banking in Japan, buying and renting furniture, driving regulations and car dealerships in Tokyo and Japan, Immigration statuses and Visa information, Insurance information in Japan both corporate and personal, the main Internet and TV services and providers in Tokyo, how the Postal Office system as well as private postal services work in Tokyo and Japan when sending packages within Japan and internationally, international clinics and hospitals in Tokyo, gyms and fitness clubs in Tokyo, hair salons that speak English in Tokyo, International Supermarkets, and a diverse array of places for worship. If you have any more questions regarding your life in Tokyo and how Housing Japan could possibly assist you, please feel free to inquire below by phone or email.