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Housing Japan lists the best apartments, luxury homes and houses available to rent in Tokyo and our agents are experienced in helping foreign residents find their perfect place. All of the listings on Housing Japan are located in central metropolitan areas that include the most comfortable and refined neighbourhoods, offer easy access to downtown locations and are close to local amenities such as international schools, supermarkets and parks.

About Tokyo Apartments

Whether you are looking for a full-service luxury condo, a large family house with garden or an intimate apartment in the perfect spot, our listings include all of the best homes in Tokyo. Search our listings to find apartments with features such as luxury styling, bilingual concierge services, incredible city views, complimentary gym membership and more.

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Featured Apartments

Featured Tokyo Apartment

This month our featured apartment is Azabu Gardens, a brand new development in one of the most chic, downtown areas of Tokyo. It has been specifically designed to offer a international standard of comfort and has become the leader in high-end Tokyo apartments. Featuring extensive garden spaces, stylish and family-friendly designs inside and out, premium amenities that include club lounge, gym, media room, party spaces and more. Located right in the heart of Moto Azabu, central Tokyo’s most desirable international neighborhood.

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Help with Tokyo Apartments

Finding the right apartment is very important when relocating, especially when moving overseas. In Tokyo, you are faced with a whole different style of housing as well as new terms to learn and understand. In addition, finding a place which matches your lifestyle, needs and hopes for life in the city requires a special set of knowledge.

Guide to Renting an Apartment in Tokyo

If you are unclear about which area you wish to live or are unfamiliar with where the best places are for your needs, then contact us to a consultation. The Housing Japan focus is on the five wards of Minato-ku, Shubiya-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Setagaya-ku and Meguro-ku. These are the locations that offer the best apartments, in the most convenient locations for international residents. They offer close proximity to downtown areas, international schools and supermarkets, clinics, business centers, cultural facilities and finally, national and international transport access.

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The process of renting apartments and houses is quite particular in Japan. Therefore it is important for newcomers to familiarize themselves with the basic procedures. These 7 steps outline the process from house hunting, through the duration of your stay, to moving out. Japan Renting Timeline

Apartments in Yokohama

In Yokohama we help place clients in areas such as Minato Mirai, Honmoku and The bluff (Yamate). These are parts of the city that offer the best living environment, have well-known services such as international schools and supermarkets and offer convenient access to business and recreational facilities. They are also the most convenient locations for US service personal and international families who will be working in the city.

Yokohama Listings

Some things to remember

Rental Contracts

Normal rental contracts in Japan are for 2 year, fixed-term periods and depending on the apartment you may be required to pay a certain amount of rent in advance. It is possible to end a contract early but again, depending on the apartment, you may be required to pay a penalty. Key money is another charge which it is quite common in Tokyo and maybe requested by the landlord or owner company before they agree to rent out the apartment. Housing Japan is representing you when you rent an apartment in Tokyo however and our agents will always work to get you the best deal possible. Contracts can be signed on an individual or corporate basis. Contact us for more information.

Furniture and Appliances

The normal state of Japanese rental apartments is that they do not include any appliances or furniture, though there are exceptions to this, for example if the apartment is privately owned or part of a serviced condominium. For foreign residents moving to Tokyo there are a number of options if your apartment does not include furniture. If you plan to stay for a few years then purchasing your own furniture in Tokyo is a worthwhile option as the city has plenty of choice. For those who know already that they will only be staying in Tokyo for a fixed-time period then furniture rental is a further option. Contact us to speak with an agent and get help arranging a solution that works for you.