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Tokyo Guide

Tokyo Life Guide was designed to guide newcomers through some of the necessities of settling-in and living a comfortable life in Tokyo. It offers all the necessary info for expats relocating to Tokyo. In our years of experience helping foreign residents, we know how difficult it can be to move and get started in a big city like Tokyo.

In our Comprehensive guide to international schools find descriptions of some of the best international schools in Tokyo and Yokohama as well as a full directory listings of schools.

Tokyo lifestyle guide – all the tips for getting setup at new place and living a comfortable life in Tokyo – buying furniture, internet and TV services, banking, immegration, driving and much more.

Tokyo business directory – all those need-to-know places for foreigners living in Tokyo. Sections include: car dealers, clinics, hospitals, fitness clubs, hiarsalons, international schools, supermarkets, places of worship and much more.

A list of useful links to sites with general information about Japan and real estate abroad.