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Tokyo photography online resources

Photography in Japan
Photography in Japan

As one of the most photogenic cities on the planet, Tokyo is not a place that you want to be without a camera. Evening photography in Tokyo can be particularly stunning in the core of the city, with its bustling nightlife and towers of neon.

For newcomers to Tokyo, it’s always tricky to figure out where to best find the best deals on cameras and camera accessories. Luckily, there are a number of well-established photographers around town with a solid web presence who have already posted invaluable information online. We’re going to share a few of them here, in the hopes that they might be of some use to you:

Buying Photo Equipment in Tokyo, Will Robb Photography

Will gives us a quick rundown of the major camera chain stores in Tokyo, as well as some of the lesser known independent ones that may have flown under your radar. Will’s photography is stellar, so be sure to browse around his site and check out his past work.

Great camera shop in Omori, Alfie Goodrich

Like Will, Alfie is one of the better known photographers around this city, and his blog is a great resource for anyone hoping to capture Tokyo on film. Here he gives us a quick rundown of Cross Point, a camera shop down in Shinagawa District.

A guide to new and used camera shops in Tokyo, asbCreative

While this exhaustive list of camera shops is no longer being maintained, it’s still undeniably useful. It would be great to see someone more familiar with Tokyo’s current scene to build upon it with new information. Any takers?

Tokyo Flickr groups

If you’re a photographer, you’re probably already loitering on Flickr anyway. As it happens you’re not alone because there are thousands of others on Flickr too with a passion for photographing Tokyo. Please explore the many Tokyo groups on your own, but for starters you may want to check out these three groups.

Photo source: scion02b on Flickr, CC license


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