2 Cool Tips for Renting in Tokyo this spring

Housing Japan leasing rock star Deborah Lee finds a large amount of her rental homes for clients in the areas of Minato Ward and Shibuya Ward.

Deborah has been helping people find their new home in Tokyo for over 5 years and has worked with companies large and small. Both publicly traded and privately held. If you’re C level management in Tokyo, chances are you’ve worked with Deborah!

rock star

Her 2 top tips for people moving in the first part of 2015:
1. Make sure you act quickly to apply once you’ve found an apartment you like, and…


2. Make sure once you know your key handover date to reserve your moving company immediately!


Why? Because the February / March / April season is the busiest of the year in the Japanese market. Almost all Japanese organisations revolve their human resources around the April 1st date, resulting in huge numbers of people snapping up apartments and moving in. Competition gets fierce. The sheer amount of people moving all over the country can make securing your desired apartment feel like a Black Friday or Boxing Day sale; available one minute, gone the next!

Another reason to get moving on your new place is that compared to previous years, and despite some negative press, the general economic outlook for Tokyo is good, and the competition for property is set to keep heating up.

We have factors such as the low value of the yen attracting increased numbers of people from overseas, the continuing trend of more and more Japanese people moving to Tokyo in search of greater career opportunities and finally, although it is still some years away, we have redevelopment work ramping-up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Rents are expected to go up as we get closer and closer to that watershed moment, so if you want a good deal on an apartment or house, now might be the time to move before rents start getting crazy.
Contact Debbie and the leasing team here in Housing Japan to see what we can find for you.

Tokyo is set for an exciting few years – what could be better than seeing it first-hand, from the perfect home.