Mori Building to Transform Tokyo`s Toranomon District

Toranomon Hills has been one of the stand out developments in Tokyo in recent years; its striking architecture, scale and amenities have transformed the once dire Toranomon area into a fashionable business hub. The facility, which adheres to Mori`s city-within-a-city concept includes luxury hotel, high-end office space, restaurants, boutique retail, event spaces, garden area and upmarket residential apartments. Around the high-rise tower, local streets have been cleaned through and given a new look. Perhaps the biggest achievement of Toranomon Hills though was to complete the construction of Macarthur Road, a wide European-style boulevard that connects Shimbashi (already a leading business center, home to several major media and advertising companies), with Toranomon and beyond to Roppongi and Akasaka.

Macarthur Road is an informal but popular name that refers to the original proposal to construct a fast moving transport link in this location by General Macarthur during the allied occupation of Japan in the post-war years. Its now a major artery of the city that will soon be extended further to the Tokyo bay Area. As more and more businesses and high-end services move in around it, local neighbourhoods are transforming in their turn. Mori building is keen to continue this process and to ensure it happens, they are making a $3.6 billion investment in major new building projects.

This will see new high-rise developments come in around Toranomon Hills, radically altering the area and furthering its metamophosis into an international business hub, one designed specifically around delivering world-class infrastructure and luring both global businesses and outward looking domestic companies to make this, their home.

Business in Japan TV recently covered Mori`s presentation of the coming changes and we are pleased to share their video here.

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