Spring School in Hakuba: A program for your kids in the Japan Alps

Hakuba International School (HIS) Foundation is a newly formed entity with the goal of creating an International School in Hakuba. The school will be a full-time boarding school for students from all over the world with lessons taught in English and based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

The HIS Foundation also hosts a spring and summer school program each year.

Join the Spring School this spring in beautiful Hakuba for a unique learning experience. Students will enjoy the pristine air and spectacular natural beauty of Hakuba while engaging in program of classes from an amazing line up of instructors.

This year’s program features Casey Hawkins, award winning Artist and teacher from Australia who will host a program in Digital Communications. Yasukazu Kano, acclaimed bamboo flute player teaches a class on making and playing bamboo flutes. Carol Inugai-Dixon, Japans leading expert on the IB program will teach a class on Theory of Knowledge. And, Hakuba born, Olympic cross-country skier, Nobu Naruse will take us on a cross-country ski tour! (yes, there is still snow in Hakuba in Spring !)

The Spring School program will be held from March 28 through April 1st and is for students aged 12 to 16 years. For more information please contact the program Director, Tomoko Kusamoto at tomoko.kusamoto@hakuba-is.jp or visit Hakuba International School online.
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