Tokyo Tatemono’s moves ahead with 50 story complex near Tokyo Station

Tokyo Tatemono Ltd. announced this week that the City Redevelopment Association was formed with the approval of the Governor of Tokyo for B ward of the “Yaesu 1-Chome East District 1st Urban Redevelopment Project” near Tokyo Station.

The planned complex site is located in front of Tokyo station, close to Nihonbashi and Kyobashi Stations. The site will be a 50 story above-ground, 4 story below-ground complex with a footprint of 10,600 square meters. The complex will include offices, shops, and conference spaces as well other types of non-residential tenants.

On the B1 level, there are plans for a large-scale bus terminal connecting to international airports and other local municipalities. The plan for the complex is to comply with Nihonbashi’s life science business base plans for the area and currently medical facilities are providing feedback to the developer for future leasing needs.
At the same time, Tokyu Tatemono says they will establish an underground and above-ground pedestrian foot path network directly connecting the complex to Tokyo Station and surrounding areas. This is in the hopes of contributing to furthering the mission of having Tokyo station be a gateway station for the city.

For disaster response and prevention measures, Tokyuo Tatemono will set up reception spaces and stockpiling warehouses for those who will not be able to go home after a disaster strikes. Business continuity will be further protected via cogeneration systems (combining useable heat with electricity generation) and emergency power generation improvements.

Construction is set to start in 2021, slated to finish in 2025.

Source: Re-Port

Editor’s Note: Adam German is Vice President of Business Development at Housing Japan and a well-known figure in both the marketing and sales side of Tokyo real estate. Originally from Canada, Adam has been behind some of the most successful international residential property services in Tokyo.