Breathtaking Views from the Newest, Tallest Development in Shibuya

Photo of Shibuya Scramble crossing.
Photo of Shibuya Scramble crossing. Photo Credit:

There has been quite a bit of bustle and excitement about the recent developments that have been made in central Tokyo. A significant amount of new buildings are appearing, and how this will affect Tokyo and its real estate is intriguing to many. The most significant developments we have seen thus far are in Shibuya, and they are causing excitement all around the world.  

In 2020, the Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo and there has been a forecast of an expected 600,000 foreign tourists visiting Tokyo for the worldwide anticipated event. To take full advantage of the opportunities the Olympics will bring, Shibuya is undergoing a major transformation that hopes to yield generous returns for all of Tokyo. The huge redevelopment project, led by Tokyu Corporation, is reshaping the area around the Shibuya Station, a cultural hub famously known for the scramble crossing and Hachikō statue; giving the cultural hub a whole new feel. From new sports venues, retail stores, office buildings, hotels, and upgraded transit systems, Shibuya will offer its visitors and locals an experience of a lifetime.  


Shibuya Scramble Square  

Shibuya Scramble Square development rendering
Shibuya Scramble Square development rendering. Image credit:

Shibuya Scramble Square, which opened November 1st, 2019, is 230 meters tall, making it the new tallest building in the Shibuya area. If you assume that this is just another skyscraper that is made to be added to the Tokyo skyline, then you should think again. This 2014 urban renewal project covers three buildings, reaching the floor area of 181,000 sqm.

You can guarantee that visitors, who will easily find the towering structure located in front of Shibuya Station, will want to head up immediately. Upon the 14th floor, you’ll find a beautiful shopping space filled with 212 commercial facilities.

However, this is not even the best part of it. Although there are many staple Japanese brand names, there are also 37 brand new retailers debuting exclusively here. There will also be 45 shops new to the Shibuya area, 7 new shops coming to Japan for the first time, and 4 additional shops debuting their first location in Tokyo. Between locals and tourists combined, it’s not hard to see what all the excitement’s about!

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Shibuya Sky  

Photo of visitors rising to the skydeck, Shibuya Sky.
Photo of visitors rising to the skydeck, Shibuya Sky. Photo Credit: Keisuke Tanigawa

Once visitors make their way to the 14th floor, they’ll find the entry ticketing counter to the neighborhood’s highest observation deck – Shibuya Sky. This observation deck covers the 45th, 46th, and 47th rooftop floors and is incredibly impressive.

Tickets are priced at 2,000 yen per person, and viewers get a breathtaking view. The deck allows visitors to see Toyko Tower, Yoyogi Park, Tokyo SkyTree, Roppongi, Shibuya Scramble Crossing, and Mt Fuji.

Regardless of the weather or time that visitors go, they’ll still be met with a fantastic view and experience.


What’s happening next?

Computer Rendering of Shibuya after new developments projected for completion in 2028.
Computer Rendering of Shibuya after new developments projected for completion in 2028. Credit:

The development of Shibuya isn’t stopping anytime soon. In 2028, the West Wing and Central Building plan to join the East Wing, and in addition to these wings, the structure will also add on a vertical elevator to connect all three buildings.  

In the Sakuragaoka zone of Shibuya, south of the Yamanote Line, redevelopments of new highrise buildings are scheduled to be completed by March 2021; adding a new 180meter office building 36 stories high, and a 32story condominium at 150 meters tall. Shibuya’s goal in rebranding is to be known as an international hub, comparable to New York and Paris, so, the design appeal is targeted towards foreign companies in part of the rebranding; therefore multilinguistic centers such as medical and childcare facilities will be featured in the developing area. 

With access to so many different shops and restaurants within Shibuya Scramble Square, visitors will not only be able to navigate the station with ease, they will also be thrilled by their experience of stepping into an entirely different world within Shibuya.

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Computer Rendering of Shibuya Scramble in 2027.
Rendering of Shibuya Scramble in 2027. Image Credit: