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Large Sharks are Entering the Daily Stay Market

According to AirDNA to date, Tokyo has 18,478 total listings in the city, a number that has been steadily increasing since 2014.         So far, the daily stay market has been dominated by AirBnB however recently there have been announcements that Rakuten and Lifull Homes will launch their own competitor site targeted […]

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Hybrid Furnished Property Management Models

With the new legislation coming to pass about the 180 day maximum that owners can rent out their properties for daily stays, this will create the opportunity for property managers to offer daily stay property management. However, there are caveats to this law. While the federal government is allowing 180 days, the language of the […]

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Managed Monthly Stays or DIY Daily Stays: They don’t mix

I’ve noticed this scenario happening with some owners we manage for under our short term lease property management program. While we are advertising their unit for monthly stay purposes the owner is advertising the same unit on AirBnB themselves for daily stays. Recently we have noticed language creeping into various building’s HOA charters that outlaws […]

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