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Tenant Screening Processes in Japan

The most important part of your investment property is the tenant. They are the only source of revenue from the venture; rent revenue that, if the property was chosen well, will keep your ownership in the black. In Japan, disputes favor the tenant over the landlord. This is why it is imperative that the screening […]

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Key Money: Should I charge it?

Contrary to wide spread belief, key money is not illegal and from our stance as property managers, we encourage all owners to charge it. Many times, foreign owners of property in Tokyo assume that their tenant will be another foreigner when in actuality, a major portion of the properties we manage are rented by Japanese […]

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My tenant disappeared, what do I do?

Japan is well known for having leasing laws that heavily favor the tenant and in a previous article I outlined why it is important to screen tenants carefully with your property manager and make it a condition for tenants to use a guarantor company when applying for the apartment. So, assuming a prospective tenant has […]

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