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Big Game Hunting and Non Agent Middlemen

According to Bill Gates in 1995, the Internet was going to herald the obliteration of the middleman; that the Internet itself would become the “universal middleman” putting scores of brokers, agents and dealers out of business. While this prediction held true in some professions, real estate globally has actually thrived with the existence of the […]

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Brand New Condos: Then and Now

I started focusing on adding brand new properties to my repertoire in 2013. The climate then was one where a brand new condo in Minato ward was priced lower than second hand. (Image is from Branz Roppongi The Residence). The reason being was anything that was coming on the market that year had land and […]

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Don’t Look Back in Anger

One time very long ago in my career, I had a client that wished to purchase a unit in a well known central Tokyo tower. The asking price of that unit was ¥500,000,000. At the time I wasn’t blessed with the experience I have today and asked the seller’s agent what the lowest price the […]

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