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The Japanese property market has significant opportunities for the investor. The country remains the third biggest economy in the world, while the metropolitan centers are the richest of anywhere. The country sees constant development, with new changes being spearheaded by the 2020 Olympics, integrated casino resorts, and a realignment of the economy around services and tourism.

Our dedicated team of brokers has extensive experience working with both individual and institutional investors and are uniquely positioned to identify opportunities that suit your budget and wealth generating goals.

Benefit from Japan

Commercial property assets in Japan offer investors a greater spread of risk, with multiple sources of income, in a market with a strong rule-of-law, high-earning local population, powerful economy and world-leading infrastructure.

We provide a personalised service with deep expertise and a tailored approach to assisting our clients in finding the best assets, structuring a purchase and overseeing its performance.

Property Sectors

・Multi-unit Residential Buildings





・Specialist Development

Leading Access

We have significant access to on and off market property in Japan, thanks to our relationships with both local and international firms, major investors and high-earning individuals.


Financing to help with property investment is available from several banks, both domestic and foreign. Terms and structuring of a deal can allow for significant monthly earnings for an investor.

Expert Insight

In addition to financing, we assist with finding the right asset, the deal arrangement, and oversee project development and property management.