4 Seasons Resort In Niigata

50,000,000 JPY
4 bedroom

90 minutes from Tokyo on the Joestu Shinkansen and less than a 10 minute drive from Urasa station lies secluded home in a lovely mountain river valley with a ski hill five minutes away and the famous Hakkaisan15 minutes away, where you have room to grow your own food in an organic garden & vineyard - all in complete privacy but within the warmth of a local community.

Welcome to Yukiguni (snow country) and mountain life luxury – enjoy delicious clean water, skiing, swimming, the best rice in Japan, monkeys, kamoshika, cranes, 4 seasons, a garden & vineyard and a beautiful modern Japanese / Western home that is only 10 years old.

The home features a reformed Minka that now serves as a spectacular living room and is incorporated into a modern home with high-end natural finishings like walnut floors, natural-fibre wallpaper, wooden countertops, etc. The minka living room is accented with an open flow concept into a chef’s kitchen with a modern large hi-tech oven and range, a walk-in pantry with a freezer and lots and lots and lots of storage space that you can use as you please. On the other side of the minka is a big wooden outside deck where you enjoy meals or a drinks while viewing the garden, the forest, and the mountains.

The house is big and open and inviting and includes:

- 3 bedrooms plus 2 office/den/study rooms
- 3 storage rooms including a kiri closet for delicate and expensive materials like kimonos, etc
- A large wooden outside deck, a terrace and sun room and a comfortable balcony
- 2 living rooms (the minka and large 2F living room)
- 2 storey garage
- a modern Japanese ofuro , bathroom sink and washing machine
- a mudroom with a washing machine for garden & sports clothes
- a ski /sports equipment locker
- a beer/wine storage room

There is an approximately 150 sq. meters organic vegetable garden on the east side of the house and facing south. The soil has been improved organically each year and now the vegetable garden is able to produce wonderful crops of a great many vegetables including corn, tomatoes, cucumbers. beans, eggplant, pumpkin, rhubarb, peas, beats. There are also standing bushes of blackberries and raspberries to make jams and pies. Herbs are plentiful too - chamomile, fennel, mint, basil, oregano, Italian parsley, sage and more.

Vineyard & Yard
The rest of the property (excluding the garden and the house) is 1400 sq meters and is divided into different areas for enjoyment. The most significant and impressive is the vineyard where there are close to 50 vines. And of course, the giant walnut trees that produce more than a year’s supply of onigurumi walnuts (delicious & healthy) and provide wonderful cool shade to the house in the hot summers. Or maybe you might enjoy a picnic in the gazebo? Or a campfire area too that is always fun for roasting marshmallows. Of course, night sky visibility is unhindered by light pollution to see so many shooting stars during the summer meteor-shower…. Can you imagine shooting stars becoming common place in your life?

The Neighbourhood
Living here in the mountains, your backyard is the biggest playground in the world. For physical activities you have mountain hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing. Behind the house is a lovely clean river, great for picnics, swimming, fishing, and playing in during the hot summer.

Of course, there are many ski hills in the area including Muikamachi Hakkaisan and our local skill hill Hakkai San-Roku.

Wildlife abound - monkeys, kamoshika, inoshishi, brids & cranes, and bears just to keep things interesting…...There’s life everywhere and it’s a the best classroom you could ever have.

Minami Uonuma is famous for it's Koshikikari rice. The temperature and long growing season during the summer provide the perfect conditions but the most important ingredient is the delicious water. The snows of the winter provide for life in the summer when the river runs full of the purest water you can find anywhere. Try making your own beer – it is the best beer you will ever taste. Seriously.

Convenience & Country living – the best of both worlds
The aforementioned Shinkansen station, the Kan-etsu IC (Yamato), Kikan Hospital, International University of Japan, Kitazawa Daigaku, Joho High School and all within 10 minutes’ drive. The towns of Koide and Muikamachi are less than 20 minutes away.

It's all here in Yukiguni……


Availability: Now
Price / m² ¥156,740
Land Size: 2229.64m² / 23990.93ft² / 674.46 tsubo
Land Right: Freehold
Year Built: 2009
Total Floors: 2 stories

Note: actual layout may differ slightly from this floorplan.


This property is not located within 20 minutes walking distance of any public transportation.


- , 南魚沼市, Niigata

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