Tokyo Property Purchase

Housing Japan agents have operated as a specialist Tokyo estate agents for foreign buyers and investors for nearly 20 years. Our residential and investor agents have extensive knowledge of the prime and central Tokyo property market and can serve clients directly from our offices in either Tokyo or Singapore.
We can assist with finding the perfect property, arranging financing from a major Japanese or international bank (see mortgage details here) and handle final discussions with the seller – whether that is an individual or a developer. When it comes to closing, our fully licensed legal team will explain contracts in English (Chinese and Japanese also available) and help you complete the purchase.


Start with a consultation

If you are interested in purchasing a luxury home or investment property in Tokyo, then please contact us to begin with a free consultation or enquire on a property you see advertised in the listings section of our website. This will allow us to find out how best to assist you, provide an individual of what price range you will be working within, and what location and / or features are important to you. Key factors to consider will be the future development of Tokyo, where the market is going long-term and what is the history of the property you are interested in purchasing. For additional assistance, such as architectural help, taxation advice and more – we will are able to introduce you to a range of highly-experienced professionals in Tokyo.


Our Service

  • Property search and viewings

  • Financing (home or investment)

  • In-house Tokyo Property Management

  • Exceptional local knowledge

  • Extensive database of properties

  • Access to off-market property

  • International experience

  • Assistance selling your property when it comes to move on

  • Discretion – we have long experience of dealing with a variety of clients and respect your privacy