Apartments for sale in Naka-meguro, Meguro

See apartments and luxury homes that are available to buy in Naka-meguro, Meguro. Below, we present a list of the latest apartments, luxury condos and high-end properties that are available to buy. You can view the properties in Naka-meguro, Meguro, contact us to get help from one of our international agents, or search our website with new criteria.

1-10-23 Naka-meguro, Meguro, Tokyo
93,800,000 2 bedroom 89.82
5-18-13 Naka-meguro, Meguro, Tokyo
79,800,000 2 bedroom 80+
3-15-5 Naka-meguro, Meguro, Tokyo
485,720,000 400+
2-1-23 Naka-meguro, Meguro, Tokyo
195,000,000 2 bedroom 90+
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