The Westminster Nanpeidai

The Westminster Nanpeidai offers luxury residences for sale in an elegant part of Tokyo, with a high-level of international design.

Created by renowned British developer Grosvenor, the Westminster Grosvenor is the company`s second development in Tokyo, after The Westminster Roppongi, which established itself in the market as one of the most sought-after homes for both local and foreign buyers alike. With The Westminster Nanpeidai, the company has taken an existing structure and fully redeveloped it to its own exacting standards. Everything has been reformed, from the facade through to the stylish new lobby area, Japanese stone garden and on through to the fixtures and finishings on each individual residence.

Multiple options are open to the buyer, from room size and layout to the level of finishing available. Select from either a finely finished open plan room or a fully-styled interior by a London design studio.


The Building

At just four storeys, the property is an elegant low-rise that sits comfortably within the leafy streets of the Nanpeidai area. The limited number of units ensures a sense of exclusivity and calm, with plenty of space to spread out in and greenery to privately enjoy.

Previously a luxury high-end rental unit, Grosvenor has completely transformed all aspects of the property. In addition to its design and reconstruction, new features include a welcoming lobby and lounge area, bilingual concierge service to assist with daily life, a Japanese stone garden, gym and rooftop private gardens with patio that have commanding views of the Shibuya downtown district.

Nanpeidai was once, long ago, home to several samurai residences. This created large plots of land that, as Japan opened up, attracted diplomats, industrialists and political leaders to buy in and make their own homes. The are became known as an upscale residence, a place where political ministers and local celebrities preferred to make their Tokyo homes and after all this time, this is still reflected in the property sizes, surrounding green streets, quiet elegance and a majority of low-rise buildings.




Grosvenor is one of the most iconic names in international luxury property, with a history stretching back centuries. From its base in central London the company has had a major hand in creating some of the most renowned high-end neighbourhoods and incredible urban residences around the world.

In coming to Japan the company chooses to work with Japanese designers and craftsman to ensure there international edge is also adjusted to fit perfectly with the local environment. This makes the property one of the few in Tokyo to boast both Japanese and western design.



Residential Units

With 52 residential units, The Westminster Nanpeidai is aimed at individuals, families and couples who appreciate exceptional design in a cosmopolitan but tranquil setting.

Living and dining areas for each residence are open plan with windows that have been treated to allow maximum natural light into the space. The kitchens are sleek and functional with a striking marble stone walls, high-end imported appliances and spacious layouts.

A standout feature across all of the rooms is the use of exquisite materials with a cooler palette that includes lacquer and hand picked stone, black American walnut, anodised aluminium and gold metal. Oak flooring and a variety of reflective surfaces create contrast and depth.


About the area

Nanpeidai is a tranquil yet urban and well-connected neighbourhood, situated in-between Shibuya, Daikanyama and Ebisu. Home to embassies, churches and tree-lined streets, it is an easy walk to these major centres – a leading reason why it has long been an upmarket area for Tokyoites.

Shibuya is minutes away, the exciting downtown district is the centre of modern Tokyo`s retail and creative culture – home to numerous department stores, arty outlets, bars, restaurants and media businesses. At night the area is transformed, host to Tokyo`s top restaurants, bars and nightlife. While in the other direction lies Daikanyama, where wide-open boulevards are lined with exquisite boutiques, fine-dining, embassies and schools. Nanpeidai`s spot in-between guarantees access to both the best of modern Tokyo and its refined sensibilities.

Looking ahead and there is even more value coming to this area as development plans linked to the 2020 Olympics will see new high-rise office blocks around Shibuya station bringing new hotels, shops and of cafes that will all connected by pedestrian decks and walkways. The transport connections to the airport and the rest of Tokyo will be even further enhanced while the new international outlook of the area will see more multi-lingual facilities installed.


An Investment Opportunity

The property makes for an excellent first home or a local Tokyo residence, but would equally suit a property investor looking to purchase and rent out to a high-value tenant.Westminster units are highly desired for their design and lifestyle, while also highly-regarded for their build-quality. This location in Nanpeidai, on leafy streets within minutes of both Shibuya and Daikanyama, make for both an excellent space to enjoy peace and quiet while also providing access to Tokyo`s exciting lifestyle and culture hubs. Grosvenor`s international approach to the building will ensure significant value is retained while also offering appeal to expat and high-end residents who rent their home in Tokyo.

For foreign residents of Tokyo and certain overseas homebuyers, Housing Japan can help arrange financing. Our agents can also assist with all aspects of a property purchase, from viewing the property, learning the necessary information and onto translating and completing legal paperwork to make a purchase.


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