Yokosuka Villa



A 90 minute drive from central Tokyo, the Yokosuka Villa is a secluded estate of natural beauty, containing 2 free standing designer villas, together with gardens and bordered by a semi-private beach.


The Beach House



The primary residence on the estate was built in a European style and is over 160 sqm in size. Featuring on the lower floor; a jacuzzi, luxury bath, 2 bedrooms with extensive storage and a basement area that can be used as a small boat house. On the upper floor; a vast open plan living room with world-class kitchen – in addition to sun balcony and bbq area. The house rests on a raised site with ocean views in three directions.


The Guest House



Across the gardens and situated upon a bluff lies the Beach House, an additional 2-bed, fully-equipped home with its own ocean views that is over 122 sqm in size. Its steel reinforced concrete base keeps it safe, directly over the waves, and the sweeping views are entirely uninterrupted. Inside, stone-masoned flooring, hearth, luxury bath, kitchen and garden sun-window keep a resident in comfortable surroundings.


The Complete Estate



This complete estate measures 6779.25m² in size and holds significant potential for the new owner. In addition to the existing homes and layout, there is also the opportunity for further development with a large undeveloped, upper lot. This area has additional road access that ensures planning permission would be given for an entirely new structure. The estate also includes some ownership of the access roads, the bluff on which the guest house sits and a small rock island that lies just off the coast. The gardens can also support a number of modifications.


Japan Resort Living


Regarded for its climate and scenery, this part of Japan is a popular spot for second home owners from Tokyo.

Nearby urban centers include the cosmopolitan Zushi, a seaside town of hot springs, fine-dining and beaches as well as Kamakura, a historic capital of Japan with samurai estates, temples, shrines and a reputation as an artistic center. The wider area, known as the Miura peninsula, has no shortage of showcase homes that continue to attract Tokyoites in search of a peaceful retreat, with a beautiful backdrop, and easy access from their city.



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