RioSoho Rental Offices

A Complete Solution

Whatever your work is, and whatever business needs you have in Tokyo, find a home for them in Tokyo at RioSoho.

Perfect Location

RioSoho office space is located in the heart of Tokyo`s biggest business district, with easy access to anywhere in the metropolis.

Any Time

Open 24 hours a day, fully equipped and staffed by a concierge during the day, RioSoho is there to meet the needs of modern, global business.


Starting at just ¥47,400 per month, Riosoho offices offer a cheap, efficient way to get a business started in Tokyo together with world-class support, incredible transport access and additional benefits depending on the type of worker you are.

The Location

A 10-minute walk from Tokyo Station, or alternatively just a 1-minute walk from Kayabacho or 3 minutes from Nihonbashi station, all of your transport and access needs are taken care of with easy access to major urban and national rail lines, subways, airport expresses, bullet trains and more. Also in the area are famous department stores, corporate headquarters of some of Japan`s biggest companies, the regional offices of major international firms and high-end retail and recreational facilities. Getting in, getting out or meeting people in the right location can all be done in style from RioSoho.


Modern office equipment comes as standard. All rooms are completely private, include air conditioning and security so that there is no need to be worried about any important information leaking out. Other equipment such as copiers, fax, desks and the like are all new, clean and well maintained. In addition, for those worried about loosing time away from the office, there is on-site shower facilities.

24 Hour Working

What happens if you need to stay late at the office? Or if you need to be in real-time contact with offices based in Europe, America or elsewhere? RioSoho has you covered with 24 hour access, behind a security system that is PIN lock based. During the day there is a concierge who is on-site and acts as a receptionist.