Time to Sell?

Real estate is all about timing and this proves true for both buying and selling. Prices have gone up in the city centre however whether you are positioned to take the best exit depends on when you bought.

If you purchased your property within the central 5 wards in the years below indicated in the green boxes, contact us today and get started with a free, no obligation market appraisal for what your property would sell for in today’s market.

Source: https://tochidai.info/


Things to Note:

  • Chuo Ward specifically looks very high because of the Ginza addresses being located there. Non – Ginza addresses in Chuo Ward can expect to see value to go roughly half of Ginza valuations. Shinjuku ward is similar with the Shinjuku addresses being much higher in value than other addresses in the northern part of the ward.

  • Capital gains taxation drops to roughly 15% of the net capital gain post-sale after 5 Januarys of ownership. If you sell prior to the 5th January post-purchase of the property then capital gains are tied at roughly 30% of the net capital gain realized at the the time of sale.

  • Age of the structure plays a very large part in the valuation process. The graph above is illustrating land price trends only and not taking the remaining value of the structure into account.



Greater Flexibility

If you own property that was purchased in the years indicated above with the shaded green boxes, you are most likely well positioned to take advantage of capital gains should you choose to sell.


The future still looks strong for the central 5 wards to increase in value but periodically it is worth checking in with a realtor to see what your property can sell for.

This is where we come in. Housing Japan is pleased to offer owners a no-obligation-to-sell market appraisal for your real estate.

Contact us today to get started by filling out the form below and a sales representative will be in touch shortly.