Futako Tamagawa Rise Tower & Residence East Setagaya, Tokyo

Address 1-15-2 Tamagawa, Setagaya, Tokyo
Year Built 2010
Total Floors 42 stories
Total Units 395
Building Size -
Land Size -
Nearest station Futako-tamagawa (6 min. walk)

The Futako-Tamagawa Rise (二子玉川ライズ) complex comprises an upscale retail shopping series, high-rise apartment towers, and cultural space near the Futako-Tamagawa Station/transportation hub. Located to the east of the FT station on the Tama River marking the southern metropolitan boundary of Tokyo, Futako-Tamagawa is the second major crossing upstream from the mouth of where the Tama River empties into Tokyo Bay.

The FT Rise retail area, across a street from the Takashimaya-complex, is connected to it by underground and carries its own list of prestige tenants, including Oshman's, MUJI, Uniqlo, H&M, Tokyu Food Show, as well as more middle-zone businesses. The architectural style is marked by an international style evoking Piet Mondrian and its lighting/LED received English-language coverage despite the complex launch was scheduled a few days after the Fukushima incident; there were some last-minute modifications

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1-15-2 Tamagawa, Setagaya, Tokyo

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