Tokyo Property Management


With professional property management, there is significant opportunity to earn high returns from your Tokyo property and increase your asset`s value. Housing Japan has extensive experience in delivering the best – whether you are an individual landlord or an institutional investor.




Comprehensive Service

Housing Japan overseas millions of dollars of property across central Tokyo – homes that serve both the “expat” market and different sectors of the domestic market. We cover every step of the process for owners – including finding the best way to raise your asset values, ensure smooth tenancies, and provide regular reporting.

Our service also covers short-term, flexible renting for those that only wish to rent out on a limited basis or to focus on the “Airbnb” market.



Raising Value

We visit hundreds of Tokyo properties every week, helping both Japanese and overseas clients find their home in Tokyo. We have a deep understanding of the local market values and how to achieve the best returns, whether that involves renovations or something else.

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Peace of Mind

Our in-house team assists you at every step, taking care of property preparation, tenant marketing, phone calls, maintenance issues and financial management – including local bank accounts, tax returns and reports. We have extensive experience looking after properties on behalf of clients both in Tokyo and around the world.

For additional coverage we also provide a locally based call-center that a tenant at your property can call 24/7. From here, we can provide over-the-phone assistance or dispatch a specialist if required. Call support is available in English, Chinese and Japanese.



The Tenant Choice

Our team are licensed Japanese property managers, fully bilingual and highly experienced in attracting the right type of tenants to your property, quickly. We also have extensive experience marketing to foreign and domestic tenants through a variety of online and offline platforms.



For Overseas Landlords

For overseas based landlords you can securely sign, view and download your latest statement through your Housing Japan online account, from anywhere in the world, 24/7. This service is also being constantly developed, with new features being added on a regular basis.

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Short-term Solution

With booming tourism and corporate travel, the short-term tenant market is increasingly of interest to Tokyo property owners. However, they face the challenge of an evolving legal environment and home-owner associations. FFA Property Management is a complete solution that handles all aspects of a short-term lease.

Tokyo Flexible Furnished Apartment Management.



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