Tokyo Property Management


Property Management service for central Tokyo, helping home owners and investors lease out homes, to both domestic and international tenants.




Comprehensive Service

Adapting your property for the right kind of tenant is the first step in a successful letting. There are also a number of practical and legal issues to consider, as well as ongoing maintenance and relationships. Our comprehensive service covers all aspects of property management, for both foreign and domestic tenants.



Raising Value

We visit hundreds of Tokyo properties every week, helping both Japanese and overseas clients find their home in Tokyo. We have a deep understanding of the local market values and how to achieve the best returns, whether that involves renovations or something else.



Peace of Mind

Our team assists in property preparation, tenant marketing, phone calls, maintenance issues and financial management – including local bank accounts, tax returns and reports.



For Overseas Landlords

For overseas based landlords you can securely view and download your latest statement through your Housing Japan online account, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Find out about the Tokyo property investment tracker.



Free Appraisal

Get in touch with us to receive a free consultation about your Tokyo property and the international market.