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A message from Bryan Kipping. 

Attention Expat Residents!

Welcome to Housing Japan, my name is Bryan Kipping and I head Investment Sales. 

As we emerge from both the personal and economic challenges brought on by COVID, the record amount of Central Bank stimulus has raised genuine concerns from households on how to protect personal wealth against inflation erosion.

Whilst there are a range of public market financial assets that potentially can provide a hedge against inflation, real estate, historically, has either moved in-line or out-performed the rate of inflation and does not experience the same level of price volatility.

With interest rates currently at historic low levels, there has never been a better time to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity by constructing a portfolio of buy-to-let investment properties for your long-term investment objectives.

  1. Did you know that expats resident in Japan are eligible for a real estate investment loan? YES!
  1. Did you know that the interest rate and loan-to-value on a real estate investment loan are more competitive in comparison to your home market? YES!
  1. Did you also know that you have the ability to reduce your income tax through real estate investing? YES!

With a focus on the affluent areas within Tokyo, Housing Japan is here to partner with you on your journey delivering a one-stop solution for both your investment & property management needs.

To support you on your journey we have provided a selection of investment properties and educational videos for your viewing.

For further information on Tokyo real estate investment opportunities and to speak with one of our specialists, please complete the enquiry form.

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Examples of Investment Properties

With a focus on Tokyo’s Prime area locations, Housing Japan will support you in your journey to construct a portfolio of real estate investment properties.

We specialize in offering units in areas where we believe will benefit from price appreciation over the long term.
Please see our model listings as examples of the expected price range and gross yield.

Property Investment Resources

The Investor Video Series

Introduction to Real Estate Investing in Tokyo

Bryan Kipping provides essential need-to-know information on Tokyo investment properties.

Bank Financing

Did you know that expatriate residents can obtain a real estate investment loan? In this video, we explain how to access financing. Click here to see the supporting notes to the video.

HJ Chat Room with Bryan Kipping and special guest Billy Mitchell

We are delighted to welcome you to the HJ Chat Room with Bryan Kipping, Bryan interviews leading industry experts and investors around the world. In our first featured video, Bryan welcomes Billy Mitchell, an investor and entrepreneur to discuss the merits of investing in Japan Real Estate.

Bryan Kipping – Head of Investment Sales

Bryan brings a wealth of experience from a successful career of over 30 years in finance – having worked at major investment banks across locations of London, Hong Kong, Tokyo & Sydney.

Having had first-hand experience of building a portfolio of investment properties across Japan, Bryan felt there was not sufficient experience & knowledge to support the ex-pat community with their similar investment needs.

Bryan joins Housing Japan to head Investment Sales.

Investment Blog Articles


Knights in White Lycra – 2019 KIWL 500km Cycle Ride

I joined 41 cyclists in completing the annual KIWL 500k challenge. The ride was over 4 days, taking the cyclists from Takasaki through Yuzawa, Niigata and Aizu Wakamatsu, ending in Fukushima on June 16th where we met kids in their care home.

The Knights in White Lycra (KIWL) was formed in 2012 by a group of British men needing to get fit and also wanting to give back to charity. KIWL has grown within the community with the 2019 bike ride being represented by 14 different countries. KIWL’s current chosen charity is You Me We NPO. Whilst the 500k is the main fundraising event, there are other events for every level held throughout the year from Quiz Nights, Running, Golf etc.

For more details on KIWL & how you can “get fit and give back” please click on the following link:


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