Short-term Property Management


Our Short-term Property Management program allows you to earn more from your property by renting it out on the higher yielding, short-term `flexible` tenant market. We offer a complete solution that manages the business for you from end-to-end.



How it works

Housing Japan manages each stage of your short-term lease business, bringing to it the professional level assistance that you need to navigate the changing legal environment and consistently attract tenants.


  • Handle all necessary relationships with Home-owner Associations and advise on legal issues

  • Furnish your property to market standards

  • Expert level marketing in English, Chinese and Japanese

  • Target tenants on major travel portals in a range of countries (including Airbnb)

  • Meet and contract with tenants, process payments

  • Explaination of the ground rules for your property

  • Cleaning between tenants



Earn More

Renting out your property in this way means that monthly rents can be increased to account for the greater convenience you are now offering tenants.

An additional benefit for owners is that should you wish to make use of the property yourself, this can be arranged at reasonable short-notice as there are rarely long-term contracts in place.




The `minpaku` law in Japan – which covers short-term renting of property – is undergoing several revisions as the country responds to booming tourism numbers, a shortage of suitable hotel space, and adjusting economy.

The issue of short-term leasing is further complicated by home-owner associations and building managers who often wish to impose their own set of restrictions.

Our Flexible Furnished Apartments solution compiles with all laws by setting a minimum of one-month stays and then we work together with home-owner associations to ensure smooth renting.



Tenant Satisfaction

An important part of growing your business and having your apartment stand out in the market place is tenant satisfaction. User-reviews, feedback and word-of-mouth all help increase the likelihood of new tenants choosing you above your neighbors.

We work hard to deliver high-tenant satisfaction, and we have been honored to receive some great testimonials.



Size of the Market


Total Tourists for 2015: 19,737,400.
(Source – JTB Tourism Research & Consultancy)

Total Tourists who stayed 28 Days to 1 year: 848,708
(4.3% of total tourists)
Source – Ministry of Infrastructure, Land and Tourism

Total of this with Haneda or Narita as ports of entry: 339,483
(roughly 40% of 4.3%)
Source – Ministry of Infrastructure, Land and Tourism


This is before we consider the continued rise in tourist numbers, and further developments that will increase inbound visitors such as the recent approval of integrated casino resorts.



Fee Structure

Housing Japan will charge a flat rate of 20% of the total monthly revenue – only when a booking is confirmed and pre-paid. This removes any monthly burden from your side, and incentivizes us to ensure that your occupancy rate and income remains high.



More information

To find out more and receive a free consultation, contact Housing Japan.