Short-term Rental Property Management

For Tokyo Home Owners

Leasing out on the short-term market.

MFA Property Management is a property management service from Housing Japan that allows you to rent out your property to business and high-end tourist tenants on a short-term basis. By furnishing your apartment and targeting this sector we are able to help you earn higher returns than when leasing on standard two-year Tokyo leases. Housing Japan we help you furnish your property(s), handle all client relationships and market the property through a variety of channels. As lease contracts are for minimum of 1-month stays, the lease is completely legal and Home Owner Association friendly.

Tokyo is one of the world`s most profitable markets when it comes to short-term leasing out of your property, with significant potential to realize higher returns on a monthly basis. There are rapidly growing numbers of high-end tourists and short-term business travelers yet Tokyo does not have enough hotel stock in which to accommodate them all. With the coming Olympics and further adjustments in the economy, this situation will continue to be of benefit for homeowners who wish to lease out on a short-term basis.

Using services like AirBnB exclusively can be problematic due to homeowners associations and neighborhood committees. It also commits yourself to the servicing of clients. Technically, this type of leasing-out in Japan remains illegal, which also leaves you vulnerable to being shut-down.

Monthly Furnished Apartment Property Management from Housing Japan allows you to furnish, lease-out and profit from the short-term market, in a stress-free, profitable manner.

How it works

Housing Japan will manage the following for you:

  • Furnishing your property to market standards

  • Marketing to tenants both foreign and domestic through a variety of services (including AirBnB Business)

  • Meeting and contracting with tenants, processing payments

  • Explanation of the ground rules for your property

  • Cleaning between tenants

  • Overseeing Maintenance and repairs of the property and the contents

Your Benefits

Extra Income

Monthly Furnished Apartments targets the large number of business and leisure travelers who come from both Japan and overseas, but do not wish to, or can not reserve in time, a serviced apartment. The nature of these travelers allows you to set a higher monthly fee than you would if charing a regular residential tenant.


Housing Japan will handle all aspects of the management, including furnishing (if required), meeting and greeting guests, sorting out any issues, processing payments and advertising your property in multiple languages, to relevant travelers.


The added flexibility means that you can grow the value of your asset and income while at the same time, have the ability to quickly adjust the usage of your property should you require.


Size of the Market

Total Tourists for 2015: 19,737,400.
(Source – JTB Tourism Research & Consultancy)

Total Tourists who stayed 28 Days to 1 year: 848,708
(4.3% of total tourists)
Source – Ministry of Infrastructure, Land and Tourism

Total of this with Haneda or Narita as ports of entry: 339,483
(roughly 40% of 4.3%)
Source – Ministry of Infrastructure, Land and Tourism

This is before we consider the continued rise in tourist numbers, and further developments targeting inbound visitors such as the recent approval of Casino construction and the growing student and business visitors.

Fee Structure

Housing Japan will charge a flat rate of 20% of the total monthly revenue – only when a booking is confirmed and pre-paid. This removes any monthly burden from your side, and incentivizes us to ensure that your occupancy rate and income remains high.

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