Yen Loan Calculator for Buying a House in Japan

Use our Japan yen mortgage calculator to estimate monthly loan repayments if you purchase your home in Tokyo. Simply enter the loan amount you expect to require, how many years you wish to take a loan out for, and what the interest rate you expect to pay.

Japanese Bank Rates

For those Living in Japan:

Foreign people living in Japan fall in two categories; with Permanent Residency visas and those without.

If you have Permanent Residency, then the current recommended lender of choice is Prestia. As of June 1st, 2016, Prestia is offering up to 100% Loan to Value up to ¥500,000,000 at 0.7% for Home Loans.

Click here to see Prestia’s lending criteria (English; contains primary residence and investment property lending information)

Without Permanent Residency, Housing Japan is proud to announce that via a relationship we have cultivated over the years with a mega bank, Non – PR visa holders can qualify for up to 80% Loan to Value borrowing to a maximum of ¥300,000,000 at between 0.625% and 0.875%.

Click here to see more information on this loan. (Japanese only; enquire below for English assistance).

NOTE – This is not an over the counter product. You will need to be introduced via Housing Japan to get started with this mega bank.

For Those in Hong Kong:

Orix is the lender of choice for Yen based loans for Tokyo property in Hong Kong.

Maximum Loan to Value ratio of 60% with an interest rate of 2.9%. Maximum loan term is 10 years however amortisation is calculated at 30 years with the remaining loan amount after 10 years to be paid back in full at that time.

Click here to see their lending criteria (English; includes information for both primary residence and investment property lending criteria).

For Those Living in Singapore:

United Overseas Bank (UoB) is the lender of choice for Yen based loan for Tokyo property in Singapore.

Maximum Loan to Value of 70% at an interest rate of 3.5%. Maximum loan term for 35 years.

Note – this is a residential investment property loan only meaning the property must be tenanted. UoB does not offer a primary or secondary residence loan at this time.

Click here to see their lending criteria (English; contains information for Japan and other countries)

For Those Living Anywhere Else:

Bank of China is the only option for Yen loans on Tokyo property for those living in other countries.

Maximum Loan to Value of 50% at an interest rate of 2.8%. Maximum loan term of 15 years.

Note – A large requirement for this product is the applicant MUST understand Japanese OR Chinese in order to qualify for this loan.

Click here to see the bank’s criteria for lending. (Japanese Only)

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