Housing starts down 7.3% in 2019


Japan housing starts in 2019 decreased by 7.3% when compared to the previous fiscal year.   According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MLIT), housing starts – new residential construction projects – in 2019 decreased by 7.3% to 883,787 houses. This comes after a year-on-year increase in the previous year.  Sorting by the usage of […]

Typical home layouts – Differences between Japan and abroad


Many people looking at Japanese property for the first time – either as a renter or buyer – are not aware that there are differences between their home country in the typical room types and their intended purposes. This article explores some of the most common features and introduces 3 major differences between Japan and […]

6 things to consider when buying a property in Japan


In many respects purchasing a property in Japan as a foreigner can be easier than in other countries. For example, real estate lawyers are usually not involved in most transactions, and there are no restrictions on foreign ownership, or additional taxes levied on foreigners.  If you are able to navigate the language and cultural differences, then you’ll find there are many opportunities for purchasing property, […]

Japanese Real Estate Investment Guide


The Japanese real estate market, especially in Tokyo, offers an extensive variety of potential investment opportunities in both residential and commercial properties. However, navigating between specific requirements in local markets; mitigating potential risks; understanding Japanese property buying rules and procedures, and at the same time making the most out of your investment can be a […]

Are 30 years a lifetime? Why the Japanese prefer brand new homes


In Japan, a house is said to last for 30 years. Then it gets razed and rebuilt. This concept of transience seems to be deeply ingrained in Japanese culture: Ise Jingu, the most important shrine of the Shinto religion, Japan’s national belief, gets demolished and reconstructed in exactly the same fashion on a 20-year cycle. […]

Finding the Best Tokyo Luxury Apartments for Sale


Tokyo’s luxury residential market has historically been in high demand. Despite concerns about the city’s ageing population and predictions of economic deflation, a huge amount of domestic and foreign investors are still drawn to Japan’s capital and the real estate investment opportunities it offers.   Due to the limited opportunities to develop new luxury and ultra-luxury apartments in […]

Tokyo Property Management Guide


International property investors face the same challenges when it comes to generating profits from their real estate assets abroad. And chief among these is finding a reliable and trustworthy property management service to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible, especially when you’re looking at somewhere like Japan, which comes with its own […]

Life in Roppongi Hills Residences


Japan’s capital offers a unique mix of traditional and contemporary attractions. While this is enough to draw in huge crowds of visitors each year to support a booming tourism sector, the rich culture, high quality of life and ample employment opportunities found here also attract thousands of people who want to take up permanent residence […]

Real Estate Investing in Japan: Safest in Asia


East Asia is home to some of the world’s most robust and fastest-growing economies. This presents many potentially lucrative investment opportunities across both residential and commercial property sectors. However, not all countries and local property markets offer equal ROI opportunities, and more importantly, not all of them are equally safe in terms of investment risk. […]