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The Tokyo property market has significant opportunities for the investor. This is the world`s biggest metropolitan center and it sees constant development. The 2020 Olympics, integrated casino resorts and a realignment of the economy around services and tourism are just some of the macro factors creating chances. Tokyo benefits from a strong rule of law, relatively cheap pricing (especially when compared to other major Asian cities) and strong social stability.


Finding the opportunities

Although Akasaka or Aoyama offer the opportunity for capital gains, buyers are now often looking beyond these golden areas to benefit from higher yields elsewhere in Tokyo. The residential scene continues to evolve as the city`s population will grow through 2035 and tourism offers another important element into the mix.

New transport links, a major new retail outlet, a popular cultural site - these are just of some of the factors that are transforming locations at the micro-level.


Who invests?

Tokyo has no legal restrictions for foreign ownership and indeed many banks are now lending to foreign clients coming into the market. There has been a steady flow of inbound investment from around the world, with many investors who have traditionally preferred Singapore or Hong Kong now also turning to Japan as a strong and stable market in a fast-growing region.


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