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2024 Guide to Tokyo’s Top Luxury Grocery Stores Near Prime Properties

Guide to Tokyo's Top Grocery Stores Near Prime Properties -image of National Azabu

Introduction to Tokyo’s Diverse Food Scene

Tokyo is a culinary paradise, offering a wide range of food options that cater to all tastes and preferences. From Michelin-starred restaurants to cozy street food stalls, the city has it all. But what about those who enjoy cooking at home? For residents of Tokyo’s prime properties, proximity to quality grocery stores is a significant perk. This comprehensive guide will walk you through some of the best places to shop for gourmet and organic products, as well as highlight grocery stores near some of Tokyo’s most luxurious residences.

Most Popular Tokyo Supermarkets [An Insider’s Guide to Premium Selections, Global Delights]

National Azabu

National Azabu stands out as a mecca for international groceries. Expatriates living in Tokyo often find solace in the aisles of National Azabu, as it stocks products from all over the world. Whether it’s a particular brand of cereal from the US or a specific sauce from the UK, there’s a good chance National Azabu has it. The store also prides itself on offering seasonal organic produce, catering to the health-conscious Tokyoite.

Find your closest National Azabu store in Tokyo


NISSIN WORLD DELICATESSEN is famed for its extensive range of international goods, offering a broad selection of meats, wines, cheeses, and even halal products, NISSIN caters to a diverse clientele. Their meat section, in particular, boasts a range from Australian beef to European sausages, making it a meat lover’s paradise.

Find your closest NISSIN WORLD DELICATESSEN store in Tokyo

Bio c’ Bon

Bio c’ Bon is more than just a grocery store; it’s a lifestyle choice. This store is a one-stop-shop for all things organic. Whether you’re looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, organic dairy products, or even eco-friendly cleaning supplies, Bio c’ Bon has got you covered. The store is especially popular among health-conscious individuals who are particular about the quality of the products they consume.

Find your closest Bio c’ Bon store in Tokyo

Seijo Ishii

Seijo Ishii is a gourmet paradise that offers a wide range of high-quality, imported goods. From fine wines and cheeses to exotic fruits and vegetables, this store is a favorite among those who have a taste for the finer things in life. The store also offers a variety of Japanese products, making it a versatile shopping destination.

Find your closest Seijo Ishii store in Tokyo


Picard is synonymous with gourmet frozen foods, directly imported from France. Their range includes everything from appetizers and main courses to desserts, making meal planning a breeze. It’s the perfect choice for those who love French cuisine but are short on time. Picard has mastered the art of preserving the freshness and taste of each ingredient, making each meal feel like it’s straight out of a Parisian kitchen.

Find your closest Picard store in Tokyo

image of Picard, French frozen food supermarket in Japan, tokyo


Presse is a niche supermarket that’s all about fine foods. Their focus is on gourmet products, many of which are hard to find elsewhere in Tokyo. Presse is known for its curated selection of cheeses, charcuterie, and bakery items. The store also places a significant emphasis on organic products, ensuring that customers get the best of both taste and health.

Find your closest Presse store in Tokyo


When it comes to organic and natural foods, Fukushimaya is a trusted name. Established in 1930, they have a longstanding commitment to sourcing and providing organic, chemical-free products. Their produce is not only fresh but also comes with the assurance of being sustainably sourced. Fukushimaya believes in the concept of “food as medicine,” emphasizing the nutritional value and health benefits of their products.

Find your closest Fukushimaya store in Tokyo

Isetan/Mitsukoshi Depachika

Depachika, the basement floor of department stores, is a foodie’s paradise, and the ones at Isetan and Mitsukoshi are among the best in Tokyo. These depachikas are home to a vast assortment of foods, ranging from premium meats, fresh seafood, and artisanal cheeses to beautifully crafted Japanese sweets and bento boxes. The display of food is a visual treat, showcasing the Japanese dedication to perfection and presentation.

Find your closest Isetan/Mitsukoshi Depachika store in Tokyo


Meidi-Ya is a prestigious supermarket known for its high-quality products and an extensive selection of imported goods. From European dairy products to American snacks, Meidi-Ya offers a world-class shopping experience. The store also houses a broad range of Japanese products, making it a versatile destination for both locals and expatriates looking for a touch of luxury in their daily shopping.

Find your closest store in Tokyo

image of Meidiya, supermarket in Japan, tokyo

Kinokuniya International

Not to be confused with the bookstore chain of the same name, Kinokuniya is a premium grocery store renowned for its fresh produce and specialty products. The store offers an impressive range of organic fruits, vegetables, and other gourmet items. For many Tokyo residents, Kinokuniya is synonymous with quality, ensuring only the best products reach their shelves.

Find your closest store in Tokyo:

Drogheria Sancricca

Drogheria Sancricca is a little slice of Italy in the heart of Tokyo. Specializing in authentic Italian goods, this store transports its visitors straight to the rustic streets of Italy. It offers a range of products like premium olive oils, pastas, and a fine selection of wines. For those with a penchant for Italian flavors, Drogheria Sancricca is the go-to spot.

Find your closest Drogheria Sancricca store in Tokyo


Eataly is an Italian marketplace offering a variety of high-quality food and beverages sourced from reputable producers. It combines elements of a bustling European open market with the features of a modern, urban food hall. With its restaurants, bakery, and retail items, Eataly provides a comprehensive Italian dining and shopping experience. Its popularity extends globally, and its presence in Tokyo has been warmly embraced by both locals and expats.

Find your closest Eataly store in Tokyo


Hanamasa is a hidden gem, especially revered by those in the know for its affordability without compromising quality. Originally catering to restaurant businesses, it offers a vast range of products in bulk, making it a favorite among families and individuals looking for value purchases. From fresh meats to seafood and a diverse array of pantry staples, Hanamasa ensures that quality meets quantity. Their stores might lack the polished interiors of some of the more upscale supermarkets, but what they miss in aesthetics, they more than make up for in terms of value and product range.

Find your closest Hanamasa store in Tokyo

Lincos by Maruetsu Group

Lincos, managed by the renowned Maruetsu group, has been catering to the diverse tastes of Tokyo’s populace for years. This supermarket, although lesser-known to tourists, is a favored spot among locals. They offer a balanced combination of everyday essentials, Japanese specialties, and international products. With Maruetsu’s backing, Lincos ensures that its customers receive a seamless shopping experience, melding quality with affordability. For those who seek to shop where the locals do, Lincos is an excellent choice.

Find your closest Lincos by Maruetsu Group store in Tokyo

Tokyu Department Store

As a part of the Tokyu Group, which has a strong presence in Tokyo’s retail and transportation sectors, the store brings a blend of tradition and modernity to its offerings. From fresh Japanese produce to gourmet imported items, Tokyu Store ensures that its patrons have a broad selection to choose from. Explore a myriad of freshly prepared meals, baked goods, and gourmet selections. It’s ideal for those looking for a quick but quality grab-and-go option, as well as those wanting to indulge in international delicacies.

Tokyu Foodshow: Located in Tokyu department stores, is a gourmet food market known for its ready-made deli culinary delights. With a diverse selection of prepared foods, sweets, and fresh produce, it offers an immediate and high-quality dining experience, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

Find your closest Tokyu Department store in Tokyo

Prime Properties and Nearby Grocery Stores

Toranomon Hills Residential Tower

For those residing in the Toranomon Hills Residential Tower, Seijo Ishii Atago Green Hills is the go-to grocery store. This store offers a wide range of gourmet and organic products, making it a convenient choice for those who prefer quality over quantity. Located inside Toranomon Hills Station, Fukushimaya is also another supermarket easily accessible from this property.

For more information on the luxurious Toranomon Hills Residential Tower, click here
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toranomon hills residential tower

Shirokane The Sky

Residents of Shirokane The Sky have the luxury of shopping at Drogheria Sancricca, an Italian grocery store located near Shirokane Takanawa Station. The store specializes in Italian products, including pasta, olive oil, and a wide range of cheeses. It’s the perfect place to shop if you’re planning an Italian-themed dinner night. You will also find Lincos, a convenient supermarket offering a diverse range of everyday essentials and fresh produce right next to the entrance of the property. We’ve previously covered everything you need to know about Shirokane The Sky, delving into its accessibility and highlighting its remarkable features. If you’re eager to learn more, feel free to check out our dedicated blog post by clicking here.

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High rise apartment in Tokyo, shirokane the sky
Exterior of Drogheria Sancricca, Italian shop in Tokyo

Park Court Shibuya The Tower

Residents of Park Court Shibuya The Tower enjoy convenient access to a plethora of grocery shopping options, thanks to Shibuya Station’s close proximity, just a 10-minute walk away. You’ll find well-known stores like Meidiya and Tokyu Department store, among others, in the vicinity of Shibuya Station, making it incredibly convenient for your grocery needs.

Get more information on Park Court Shibuya The Tower here
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high rise building Park Court Shibuya The Tower

Cultural Delights: Discovering Local Delicacies

Tokyo’s grocery stores offer more than just basic necessities; they are a gateway to the city’s rich culinary culture. Each store has its own range of local delicacies that are worth trying. From seasonal fruits like sakura (cherry blossoms) in the spring to traditional Japanese snacks like Senbei (rice crackers) and Mochi (rice cakes), there’s always something new to discover.

Quick Tips for Grocery Shopping in Tokyo

  • Always check for seasonal fruits and vegetables. Japan has a rich variety of seasonal produce that is worth trying.
  • Don’t shy away from trying local snacks. They offer a glimpse into Japan’s rich culinary history.
  • Many stores offer ready-to-eat meals that are both delicious and convenient. These are perfect for those days when you’re too busy to cook.

By being mindful of these tips, you can make your grocery shopping experience in Tokyo more enjoyable and fulfilling.


Living in a prime property in Tokyo comes with many perks, one of which is being close to some of the city’s best grocery stores. Whether you’re a gourmet food lover or someone who prefers organic products, Tokyo’s diverse range of grocery stores has something to offer for everyone.

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